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Start Fresh This Spring

The days are getting longer and brighter as our sunlight hours start to stretch out. It won't be long before Winter is well and truly behind us, so we thought we would share some of our favourite tips for getting our homes Spring ready.

Give Your Door Some Love
Restore the luster of your door by polishing the hinges and knobs. Put out a clean, new welcome mat and make sure the doorbell works.

Plant Foliage and Shrubbery
Strategically placed plants can conceal unattractive aspects of your home or garden. Large pots or hanging baskets can be placed on the deck. Bushes or hedges can hide air-conditioning units or gas bottles. Flower beds and window boxes can effectively stylise a stark facade.

Prune and Mulch
Put on your gardening gloves, its time to weed! Prune dead branches, trim back overgrown shrubbery and remove obstructive plantings. Spread mulch or bark around trees, shrubs and flowers for a weed-free, well-kept look.

Freshen Up Furniture
Put a fresh coat of paint or stain on furniture and replace the cushions. Sweep the deck and clear away spider webs. Fill an empty spot with a modern bench or chair and get your outdoor space ready for Summer!

Change Outdoor Bulbs
Clean all fixtures and replace burnt out bulbs with energy saving bulbs.

Clear Gutters
Inspect your down pipes and gutters just before spring to be sure they’re clear of leaves, tree limbs and other debris that might cause problems later on. If you don’t feel comfortable up on a ladder or you have a very tall house, hire a professional to take care of you.

Clean The Windows and Open Them Up!
Cleaning your windows regularly is an easy way to keep your home looking and feeling fresh both inside and out. Nothing is as wonderful as breathing in the fresh air and having it permeate through your home!

Clean The BBQ
Get your BBQ ready for those long summer evenings by giving it a good clean. Your BBQ will last longer and food will taste fresher.

Wash Your Driveway, Deck and House
Winter can leave a lot of your home covered in gunk. Dirt, debris, mold, moss and who knows what else always seems to adhere it self to your deck, driveway and the outside of your gutters. Giving these areas a good wash down will give your exterior an instant facelift!