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Decorating ideas using exposed bulb lights.

Exposed bulbs are a popular lighting option due to the simplicity of their look and design, and their versatility as a design element. When styling an exposed bulb light, it’s important to think carefully about your space, as this will influence how you arrange or accessorise the fitting.

Bunched together a cluster of exposed bulbs can create visual drama and light, making your room feel more finished and less overwhelming in scale while creating visual interest.

This dramatic ‘chandelier-style’ lighting feature draws the eye up, and is a great way to fill a void in this entrance.

If incorporating multiple exposed lights into the design of your space, consider hanging them at staggered heights to add a spark of personality and laid-back flair. Add interest by using fixtures which are different in shape but unified by their similar colour, style and finish.

The light filtering though these wire cage pendants casts stunning patterns on the surrounding surfaces.

Opt for a striking light fixture to allow the beauty of the bare bulb to shine through. Alternatively, glass shades will give your exposed bulb lights a more polished and sleek appearance.

The sparkle of this modern chandelier makes for an elegant focal point.

Use the clean, minimalist appearance of the fixtures, along with the use of the bulb itself as a design statement. Rather than choosing a standard pear- or globe-shaped bulb for your exposed light fitting, why not try a sculptural bulb that’s designed to be shown off?

This trio of lights emphasises the length of the kitchen island bench and cast an even glow.

This pendant offers a look which is sophisticated and structured in style, complementing the feel of the master bedroom.

We hope you’re inspired by these creative ways to style your exposed bulb fittings.