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Ideas for choosing the perfect bed linen.

Your choice of bed linen brings colour, pattern and comfort to your bedroom.

Decide what style of bed linen you prefer. For a contemporary look, choose bed linens that harmonise with the simple and clean lines of the furniture. Limit the colour palette, and balance pattern with solid colour to create a relaxing space. Choose a tailored bed skirt to complement a streamlined yet elegant scheme.

Stacking decorative pillows at the head of the bed reinforces your colour scheme, and creates a welcoming look. Start with a neutral base to give dramatic furnishings time to shine.

Play with colour and pattern. A mix of patterns and colours contribute to a lively mood, and adds personality. Choose colours from your bed linen to coordinate with your bedroom walls and curtains as part of a unified aesthetic. Select patterns which play off each other, held together by colour. Balance pattern by paring it back with an otherwise neutral palette.

Picking up on accent colours and patterns from the room, bed linen provides the flexibility to feature these in small doses without overwhelming.

If you start with a neutral base, patterns and textures create visual interest. Use textured fabrics in a monochromatic scheme as the perfect foundation for your choice of accessories and accents. Choose bed linen with sheen for a glamourous and luxurious vibe. Or, combine simple cotton fabrics to create a more casual, inviting feel.

Displaying the decorative edging on luxury sheets provides subtle interest, adding a splash of personality to an otherwise neutral bedroom