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Tips for choosing and arranging your sofa cushions.

Putting the finishing touch on your living room is easy with the right cushions.

Cushions can add to the comfort of your sofa. It depends on the size of the sofa as to how many you use. Ideally though you don’t want to remove cushions in order to sit down and get comfortable. You want your cushions to be practical as well as beautiful!

Arrange your cushions in pairs for a more organised and anchored look. Or, for a less formal and more relaxed feel use odd numbers. Think about mixing up the size and shape of your cushions for a visually interesting arrangement. Alternatively, keep them the same size for a cohesive result.

Use different fabrics that complement one another for a more eclectic combination, or choose matching cushions to create a more classic or formal look. If patterns are just not your thing then go for cushions that are bold in colour or vary in texture to add interest.

Selecting your cushions based on the colours that already exist in your living room can subtly pull together all elements of the room’s décor, and help the existing colours to complement each other.

Finally, don’t be afraid if your cushions are not perfectly plumped and standing to attention! A bit of a haphazard look feels more casual and inviting. And remember that changing your cushions is a simple and relatively inexpensive way to update the look of your living room.

So have some fun! Experiment with your cushion arrangement, play with colours, patterns and textures until you find a combination that works for your sofa, your space and your style.

Horncastle Concept LivingTM Out of Africa Showhome

The cushions in this living room tie in beautifully with the colour and detail found in the wall art. If a picture sets the theme for the whole room, decorate the space around it.

Horncastle Concept LivingTM Industrial Showhome

The bold block cushion picks up on the eye catching colour of the occasional chair perfectly. The more muted tones in the rest of the room allow this accent colour to shine.

Horncastle Concept LivingTM Industrial Showhome

This tone-on-tone colour scheme is very soothing. The lush green velvet cushion enhances this feeling, drawing inspiration from the natural greenery outside.

Horncastle Concept LivingTM Oxford Showhome

The ottoman is as dramatic for its texture as it is for its colour, and the cushions emphasise it brilliantly.

Horncastle Concept LivingTM Oxford Showhome

These plumped up cushions stand out nicely against the off-white couch. Pairing cushions together and positioning them at each end of a sofa can help create an air of elegance and sophistication.